Cow And Moon, Enmore

Last night, was the night. A test for patience.

The landmark was a curved line of people wrapped around the corner of Enmore Rd and London Street made it seem it would be a 2-hour wait for our serotonin and dopamine dose for the night. 20 mins and we’ve moved along the corner and into the lairs of Cow and The Moon. Lovely. Now for the flavours… WHAT do we get?!!

Settled on: Popcorn (Cannot NOT have this flavour), Tiramisu was next on the menu, Some yummy white Coconut thang, and of course, you can’t miss the world champion, Affogato flavour. YUMMMM!

I have to say, I remember the nights when this used to be a chilled-non-lining-up conclusion to an evening with my island girls. When life struggles and triumphs are shared over a cup of their beautiful hot chocolate (my favourite) and tea blends rather than chatter and camera snaps of travelers from the farthest areas of the world. However, business is business. These guys have mastered the skill of scooping ice cream/gelato to the T. Its perfectly staffed to cater for demand. Efficient, friendly and quick service. Its truly quality people serving you high quality dessert. All hail to one of my favourite nests in Sydney.


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